Booking Pro Website
Booking Pro Website

Pro Website
For Your Business

Your Booking Website Will Provide You With a Professional Booking Website Platform And Will Allow Your Customers to Easily Find and Book Your Services Online From Anywhere on Any Device.

Mobile App
Android - Apple

With a Mobile App that Corresponds to Your Business Booking Website, Your Customers Can Find and Book Your Services Easily Through The App On Their Android or Apple Mobile Devices.

Admin Area
Take Control

The Streamlined Admin Interface Lets You Organize Your Services More Efficiently. You Can Add Descriptions, Images, Options, Information pages and more from within the admin area.

Booking Pro
Booking Made Easy

Booking Pro Allows Your Business's Customers to Book Appointments or Reservations For Services, Events, or Guests Visiting a Hospitality to Book a Room online.


Each Employee, Room, or Event Can Have Their Own Calendar For Scheduling, Each with individual options, prices and timetables. Your Booking Pro Website gives you flexibilty.


Set Your Own Pricing For Any Time Slot or Service Type You Provide. Have Up Sells? You Can Add Individual Prices For Select Options. You will have the freedom to charge how you want!


Our Booking Pro Website Comes With a Powerful Form Creator So You Can Easily Create as Many Different Forms as Needed for Your Service Business or Bed And Breakfast Property.

& Savings

Boost Your Sales by Offering Special Coupons and Gift Certificates. You Can Create Unlimited Coupons with Various Settings and Discounts. Easily Sell And Email Gift Certificates For Your Services.


Add Multiple Discount Conditions Based on Adding Upsells, Reservation Length, as Well as Total Order Price. The Discounts Can Be a Fixed Amount or a Percentage Amount.

5 Payment

You Have the Choice of 5 Different Payment Gateways for Versitility. Choose From Square, Paypal, Stripe, PayU, and Mollie. Other Payment Gateways Can be Easily Integrated Too.


Your Clients Will Have A Client Account Area to Easily Book, Confirm, or Cancel Bookings or Reservations. They can view a history of completed bookings or reservations in their account


With your Booking Pro Website, You Have the Ability to Track All Booking Records in One Place. This Allows You to Easily See All Your Bookings And What The Status of Each One Is.


You Have the Ability to Set Up Predefined Email Notifications Which Can Be Sent Out to Your Clients After Account Activity, Like to Confirm Bookings or Reservation Reminders.


Your Booking Pro Website Can Send Out a SMS/Text Notification to You And The Client When a Booking is Made or as an Appointment Reminder. You Can Send Push Notifications Via the APP.


Syncronize your calendar with services like Airbnb or any other service which has iCal export. Booked reservations can be exported & imported. Works like single calendar while staying synced.


With Our 100% customizable PDF Invoicing System, PDF Invoices are Auto-Generated and Sent to Your Clients After a Booking is Made. You Can Use Our Templates or Create Your Own.

To Excel or CSV

With Our Booking Pro Website You Can Quickily Export All Your Bookings or Reservations to a CSV or Excel File. Export with huge variety of conditions - date intervals, users, form options, etc.

Cloud Hosting
Daily Backups

Your Website is Hosted With Our Cloud Hosting Services. We Have an Extensive Network of Servers Which Can Pull from Multiple Data Centers in Different Region to Make Your Hosting Faster.

For Your Business

Booking Pro Website Has Sitemap Link Which Can Easily Be Added to Google or Any Other Search Engine. We Will Use Your Location to Incease Your Exposure in Local Searches in Your Area.

Custom or Demo Template

Easily Choose Between your Booking Pro Website Looking Excatly Like The Demo With Your Branding or a Fully Custoized Website to Your Design Requirements.


Your Booking Pro Website comes with Updates and Maintenace. We make sure any updates are completed and everything is up to date. All you have to do is take care of your clients.

Additional Booking Pro Website Features

  • Create multiple separate time schedules on same calendar
  • Single, multi, consecutive or fixed slot reservation
  • 4 reservation statuses: Paid, Reserved, Waiting, Canceled
  • 2 confirmation templates
  • Multiple currencies
  • Reservation search by filters
  • 7 calendar templates
  • Email templates to admin, employee, client user
  • Ability to generate link to confirm or cancel booking in email message.
  • Custom form creator
  • Custom prices for forms elements and hours/days
  • Disable specific dates
  • Create employee, room or events with separate schedules & services
  • Export to google calendar or office 365
  • Export/import to/from airbnb or any other service which has iCal export

Who Can Use Our Booking Pro Website?

It can be used & adopted for any type of bussiness who books appointments such as:

  • Auto Detailer
  • Hair Salon
  • Nail Salon
  • Barber Shop
  • Lawn Service
  • Handyman Service
  • Pet Grooming
  • Fitness Trainers
  • Bed & Breakfast
  • Gutter Cleaning
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Maid Service
  • Child Care
  • Mobile Mechanic
  • Plumber
  • Electrician
  • Pool Service
  • Massage Professionals

And So Many Other Types of Businesses!
Contact Us If Your Business Type Is Not Listed Above

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