Distributor Pro Website
Distributor Pro Website

The following images are examples and show features in action. The distributor dashboard and related pages will show according to your unique user interface and design you choose to use. This is just a list of features of the Independent Distributor Program. Other features can be added just contact us!

Distributor Dashboard

The Distributor Dashboard displays parts of all sections of the distributor program such as total commissions, total sales, total distributors in their downline. Referral code and distributor signup link traffic shows where traffic came from. Sales Analytics can be broken down and displayed by day, month, and year in a easy to read graph.

Sales & Commission

Distributors can easily view sales and commissions stats. They can see what city and state each sale come from and which state has the most sales. Sales can be view by day, month, or year in a easy to read graph.

Referral Code

Distributors can create their own referral code word that is easy for them to remember. They can easily share their referral code on social media and in emails. The system tracks their referral code and connects the customer and distributor forever until changed by admin

Social Sharing

Each product has it's own social share buttons with the distributors referral code in the shared link when the distributor is logged in.

Referral Code Tracking

The system tracks where the links came from (Social or Email) and which product the link landed on. All analytic data is displayed in the distributor dashboard

    Social Site Or Email Shared Link Came From
    Product Shared Link Landed On
    Distributor Sign Up Link Traffic

Distributor Downline

Distributors can view others in their downline. They can view total earnings and current month earnings of each. There is a link there to share their signup link.

  • How Many Signed Up Today
  • Total In Downline Levels
  • Distributor Sign Up Link

Full Analytics

    All Sales Stats
    Individual Product Sales Stats
    Commissions Stats
    Social & Email Referral Link Traffic
    Social & Email Distributor Signup Link Traffic
    Order Location Tracking - City, State & Country
    View Stats By Day - Week - Month - Year

Distributor Mass Pay

Pay your distributors easily using PayPal Mass Pay. You can create how much and the system will make a file for you to upload on PayPal to use. The file will tell PayPal who and how much to send them.

  • Pay All Your Distributors At Once
  • Set The Amount of Payout - Pay All Or Some
  • Creates A File For PayPal

Distributor Store

Your distributor can shop in the distributor store that is only available for them. You can sell marketing materials, banners, or whatever you want to them. They can also transfer funds from their commissions to store credit and use in the main store or independent distributor store.

    Only Visible To Distributors
    Sell Marketing Items And More
    Transfer Commissions To Store Credit

Need More Customized Distributor Features?

We can customize the distributor program to fit any additional or different features you may require. Please contact us for more information

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Getting started is easy - Just contact us and we will help you get started on the path to success. Don't hesitate to contact us now.

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